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I'm Thandi and after managing to losing over 12st /169 lbs in weight I started making Youtube Video's to share how I achieved my extreme weight loss goal with anyone who need motivation or support!

I got all sorts of media attention because of my success and even debated UK media mouthpiece Katie Hopkins about healthy weight loss on TV.

Now I write a Lifestyle Blog for the Huffington Post, and enjoy a healthy relationship with the UK Press - being often invited to appear or speak on radio about issues like weight loss, natural hair and current events! 

2 years ago I made a brave or silly choice to make being a Youtube Creator my full time job... I know right!!! I figured - I love, and spend all my time, making videos that can inform and inspire people to embrace a healthier lifestyle, their natural beauty or give my audience a fresh, entertaining and alternative opinion on current world events

Now Mr Bill Collector say's it's crunch time, and either I get 'A Real Job' or this becomes my REAL Job! But you can help me continue to provide informative weight loss advice, free PCOS support and alternative entertainment news by pledging any amount to me... big or small! 

Whether you stay just a loyal viewer, $1-3 Patron or become my $10-100 Superhero, I love you all and appreciate your support whichever form it comes in!?
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$200 per month means I can buy food, and keep making Youtube content... PLEASE HELP!
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