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Hi, I'm Mick and I'm the guy building SongBox! Thank you for taking the time to check out my Patreon page.

Many moons ago I was in a band and I was sick of sending out demos and never hearing anything. I would always wonder, "did they even listen?". Over a decade later and I built SongBox to try and help other musicians out. 

Songbox is a platform that allows you to share music publicly, privately or via embeds and it gives you awesome data on how your music is being consumed.

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Since launch (July 2018) I've had many different types of users sign up; composers, producers, and studio owners. Someone emailed me and described SongBox as the Vimeo of audio - I absolutely loved that description as it sums up exactly what I was aiming for.

In order to compete with big players like Soundcloud I've had to offer a really generous free plan. Right now my costs for servers, hosting, databases, asset storage etc is costing me several hundred dollars per month and at the moment I'm paying for this myself. SongBox has no funding and no investors - it's just me ploughing everything I have into it.

So... if you're using SongBox on the free plan and would like to help out or if you're not using it at all but just want to help a solo developer, then please sign up via this Patreon page. Honestly, every little helps!

Thanks so much!

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