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thank you so much to everyone who tuned in for my younggods. live show on may 24, and to those who watched it later as well. my 21 was so beautiful.
i didn’t do much talking during my set; i pretty much just played straight through.
that’s because this album is ... deeply personal to me. and it’s easier for me to write some words than to say them aloud.
the first song on my album — “younggods.” i wrote that song literally at midnight the night before i played that show. i needed a piece that spoke to the theme of the entire album, and it came to me at the eleventh hour.
i wrote it about the constant pressure on the millennial generation to make something of ourselves. to be the BEST at everything we do. to be truly unique. it seems that we value youth & productivity so much.
this obsession is unhealthy and it almost killed me.
in this opening song, i talk about my suicide attempts in passing, and about how ever since the first one, i’ve felt dissociated, like i’ve been drifting through life ... but there is no time limit on love. i don’t have to “make it” by a certain age, i don’t have to do anything but be the best at being MYSELF. i am me and i am (w)hol(l)y loved.
xoxo honey.
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