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Symbolic Gift
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I will reply a 1 line personal thanks email
Melody+Chords Arranger
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Send me something you sing in the shower and i will

fix the pitch errors for you and return the same melody with

proper scale and closest rythm 

( 2 minutes max ,  128kb encoded mp3  , wav file or soundcloud file )

I will also play some left hand chords to match with the melody and choose a rythm ( i may need to adjust the melody to match the rythm or the opposite )

Reward :

128kb encoded mp3 file on soundcloud link with the result.

Training Backing Track
per creation
Send me a digital record of any quality ( mp3 , wav ) at most 2 minutes of a style you would like to train with your instrument for a solo 

( rock / pop / rnb / world music / electronic ) and i will compose a simple ( drum + bass or drum + chord music ) of the same flavor , without a melody so that you can train placing your own melody.

I will not use the same chords ( to avoid copyright issues ) but i will use a similar scale and rythm.

I will compose this with my Korg Kronos workstation




per creation


I am not only a software engineer but also an amateur musician ( keyboard and electric guitar )
I have been playing since quite a long time , however i would  call myself neither an academic export nor a gifted player. But i am definitely creative , my imagination is my strong point.

I like making small improvisations , or write short tracks , backing tracks or melody.
Can't say its on par with professional work but sometimes entertaining
$0 of $500 per creation
I like music so much but can't make a living yet. However , i would like to make small musical gift to people ( i am not a great musician but i can write a few simple melodies with simple chords and rythm)

So i set a low goal which is doing simple arrangement for people that have a small melody in their head while singing in the shower
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