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Yo, what? I got some mula? 
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Whoa, $3 dolores. Now we cooking. I'll post videos of me attempting to draw comics and art. I'll even give a couple shoutouts.
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You've reached the maximum maximum. For this tier, ya guys get something special. I'll take yo idea, right? And use it for my next comic. Yo, that's dope. Uno idea por persona(one idea per person). And no, I am NOT fluent in Spanish.



About Suki

As far as ambitions go, mankind will never reach mine.
By Dr Seuss (not really)
I'm not that great of an artist. Nor do I plan on being one. I'm just doing my thing. I'm happy with my work, but I'm not. I'm going to keep growing until one day I'll be a great artist, without having the intent. Like making a friend or falling in love. You never plan for it, it just kinda happened. That's what happens when you make lemonade.

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