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About Sooozie

Hello! I'm Sooozie, a girl who loves to draw! Currently I'm working on a web comic called, Your Hands. It is currently free to read on Webtoons!

My dream for the longest time has been to be a comic artist. Since I was a young girl I've been drawn to images of various styles and mediums. Although anime/manga are both what I focus most heavily on, I do dabble in other styles from time to time.

My goal in life is to tell captivating stories through drawings. The immense amount of emotions that can be told through an image is inspiring, and I hope I can inspire others through my work. My current webcomic, Your Hands, is a LGBT Romance/sci-fi about two men, Dante and Amir, who’s destines cross when a mysterious man asks for their help in finding one of the seven hidden cites that are scattered around the world.

Apart from my webcomic, I also have a children’s book out called Unravel. The story revolves around a prince who does not want to be king and a monster who shows him what it means to rule.

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