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Also, I'm gonna start "Throwback Thursday" :P


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About Sora Miyano

Hey guys and welcome to Neverland!

Peter Pan have always been my happy place which is why I decided to name my Patreon page Neverland, because these reactions have also become my happy place :P as cheesy as that sounds lol If you're here to be a Lost Boy read the tiers and the rewards and be careful picking the one you want :P
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I don't know which one would be better to render and export faster. If I get a faster (and newer(?) because finding something out-of-the-box-new in Venezuela is IMPOSSIBURU) device to edit I will get more videos done so I will absolutely add more than 5 extended/full reactions to the tears, maybe even FULL reactions to every episode?? We'll see! Also more fun content (reactions and non-reactions!)
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