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About Darrell McTague

In August 2012... I NEVER would've seen any of this coming.

I was 305 lbs, overweight, and just getting started on what I hoped would be a successful fitness journey. I knew nothing about anything and pushed play on an at-home workout. One year, lots of sweat, and a little bit of luck later... I had lost 130 lbs and "found my fitness". But that's not all I found...

I found I was motivating people.

So THIS Is Fitness was born as a result of people just like you... people who saw what I was going through... and saw a little bit of themselves. Who saw value in the lessons I learned and saw value in SHARING those lessons. I began the blog, it rose and fell and rose again. Then came the podcast, which rose and fell and rose again.

And here we are now.

Producing a blog and weekly podcast is a lot of work. It takes a lot of time, thought, and energy to put something quality out there (and there's no point in doing it half-way). Your support via Patreon allows me and my FitWife Megan to dedicate time to creating quality content to help motivate, inspire, inform and educate people as they go through their fitness journey. Whether you're just starting out or far along the path... everyone can use a little laugh, a little new knowledge, and to know that someone else is out there with you.

So THANK YOU for supporting So THIS Is Fitness! Without all of YOU, this wouldn't be possible.
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At this level... well, it's safe to say So THIS Is Fitness won't be disappearing any time soon :)
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