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About Soulborn City

Welcome to Soulborn City - a secondary world fantasy audio drama podcast told through one perspective about the lives of 12 students chosen for a unique program of study.

A program like this has never been tested before in the world of Runal - one in which all the blessed are equally represented - and it's not so easy as throwing the students together and watching them shine.  As the blessed grate against each other and themselves, they are quietly observed by one of their number - the blessed Soulborn, Sef Parzol, who has the power of enhanced empathy and can feel every single feeling around, and often has trouble distinguishing them from their own.

Soulborn City is a story of empathy and learning to not only feel the emotions of others, but understand where they're coming from.  It is also a story of growing up and bridging the gap between childhood dreams and adult expectations; and of a highly unique educational experience, full of worries and hi-jinks both mundane and divine.

This audio drama is the second production of Wizzard Wizzard Productions and from the same team (meaning me, Claudia Elvidge) who created fellow fantasy audio drama, The Beacon.  While it is created within a fairly loose structure, Soulborn City still requires the work of writing, editing, voice acting, and promoting the final product, and any support offered here is monumentally helpful in keeping the lights on for our independent production.
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We'll produce our first formal interview episode between Sef and the classmate of our patrons' choosing.
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