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About soulcelaen

Hi! This is the Patreon page for Soulcelaen.

They're at their last year of high school, specializing in sculpture. Looking forward to study art at university, while gaining aknowledge of the English language through school and extra curricular courses, the passion for languages gets along with a huge interest into expressing themself through art and writing.

As they put all their effort in growing their art career, they try to save up for university, art material, travelling and books.

Due to school taking the bigger part of their time, Soulcelaen is more active during school breaks/holidays and in summer.

they publish their artwork on:
But their Patreon will contain:
  • sketches and wips
  • process videos
  • early access to completed drawings, comics and experiments
  • anatomy studies
  • NSFW sketches and drawings
You can contact Soulcelaen for information and business through social media or by e-mail:
[email protected]

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