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A blog to help you live a healthy and conscious lifestyle through healthy eating, positive mindset, building a relationship with your emotions, journal ideas to help you go within, meditations, and how to navigate the astrology energies! I wasn't always spiritually connected and like many I was simply living life the best I knew how to with no real purpose. That is until I began my own awakening....

Circa 2013, was the beginning of my spiritual awakening. At the time I was atheist, lived life based on a negative belief system, and easily attracted dramatic situations and people. Little did I know I was holding onto so much anger and sadness from my childhood which was causing me to put that energy out into the world. 

I had no idea what was happening through my own awakening journey. I was a HOT MESS. Everyday was an emotional roller coaster of purging these lower vibration emotions. It was all worth it though because through it I discovered my authentic self, life purpose, and spiritual gifts. During my journey, I kept hearing,  "part of your life purpose is to help other's through their own awakening." So that is exactly what I am doing! 

Today, I help individuals understand what they are going through and how to live each day without resistance to unfold into their beautiful authentic self. Our whole planet is on a great awakening to help raise the vibration of the planet. Older generations and generations of today are awakening later in life.

Children are being born today who need to be able to flourish in an environment that supports an awakened life. They come into this world knowing who they are as a soul and what their purpose is, often helping to awaken their parents. It is important that these children are in an environment to thrive as spiritual beings. With this in my mind, I help families live a conscious lifestyle.

I hope to connect with you soon!

Love and Peace
Ashlee French
Intutitve Reiki Master Teacher

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