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Welcome to our Patreon page. First of all, I would like to let you know that I am not a native English speaker. Thus, you may be confused with some parts of my phrases. Our goal is to set up a home studio for creating better music. Soulic Paradox is a solo band(so far). Every process (composing, songwriting, performing, recording, mixing, mastering ant etc) was done by myself. The pursuance of Soulic Paradox is to awake people. Everybody has the potential for soulic power, but many of them are not aware of it. There are many paradoxes in our world. The soulic world may not be free from it as well.


My first single, Over the Sense, was released in the market in April 2018. I named the genre as “Spiritual Rock”. It took around 2 months to create the first song as I had zero knowledge about DAW(Digital Audio Workstation) and had very little knowledge of the music theory. I began to study DAW and VST(Virtual Studio Technology), and it has a pretty stiff learning curve. I love the challenge. My first song may sound imperfect, but I believe it will be improved. It is kind of a love song based on the spiritual aspect. 

The concept of the second album is TRANSMIGRATION. I have studied philosophy. While I studied Asian philosophy such as Buddhism and Taoism and found there are common facts. Therefore, those songs are based on philosophy, and they are about animal cruelty and the minor's rights. 
For some reason, I will keep my identity secret in the beginning, but I will expose it if more than 200 million people want. Plus, I will explain why I should do this.   

What I Need

In March 2018, I began working on my first song. Although I do not have a home, I was able to manage all parts of the procedure because of the computer technology available nowadays. Thanks, modern technology!! My right ear was damaged when I was in a band a long time ago and gradually became worse while I produced my song. I live in a two square meter room in a shelter(share house). Thus, I have to work with my headphone all the time and it has destroyed my ears. Using monitor speakers is not allowed in the house. Therefore, a home studio is necessary to me to create better songs. I noticed that my first single album, Over the Sense, sounds like it was not produced perfectly, and realised that I need to use monitor speakers. I stopped creating new song since August due to the lack of the income for even just survive. It will be re-begun when the fund reaches the minimum requirement to set up a home studio.
I also need to make music videos for my songs to go viral, which requires a budget to hire actors, a cameraman, and a video editor.


The term, spiritual, does not necessarily mean that you are a religious person. What you need is a trigger to awake your soulic power and I am gonna pull the trigger for you.
I offer tiers based on your spiritual level. 


Why do I need such a large budget? Currently, I live in the country which the house rental system is the craziest in the world. The MINIMUM deposit is $5,000 USD for a very tiny one-room studio. Equipment such as monitor speakers, dedicated computer, microphone, etc are required as well.

Other Ways You Can Help

If you cannot donate, just spread the words to your friends, family members and acquaintances. It will build your Karma! Thanks!
$0 of $1,500 per month
I can buy new internal/external drives to contain/backup my works and it will make my work faster. The remains will be saved for rent the studio with the next goal.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 3 exclusive posts
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