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Even if this small, it can be a big help anytime. So, thank you!

You will be seeing some of my art in advance before they are available to public!

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- You will be seeing some of my art in advance before they are available to public! 

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About Soulless Sanctuary


I'm known as Witchy by most people. I work in a video game studio as my dayjob while I make comics and freelance illustrations as a sideline. I basically love what I do, to the point it may or may not considered overworking, but hey, I still love creating art, be it for work or for myself.

I set up this Patreon page in hopes of having extra income, so I can use it to pay bills and maybe some fun stuff like video games, because hey, earning hard, so might as well work hard too. And working hard to improve too.

But if you prefer not to support monthly, I have Ko-Fi just lying around, always open for support.

As for rewards, I honestly don't know what to give, aside my... Thanks and some art of mine? Cool? Cool. But who knows; maybe in the future hopefully, I can give better rewards and Patreon-exclusive stuff.

Thanks for reading! And for the support!

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