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About Soulset Studios

Hey there! My name is Thalia Skopellos and I am the Founder of Soulset Studios and Co-Founder of Beyond Summerland Entertainment. 

I currently work as a music producer for a youth organisation that assists young people at risk of alcohol and drug abuse and I also teach music production for a local education institute here in Sydney. I also study full time at uni and receive a study payment. In addition, I am in also the process of establishing my own donations based businesses such as Soulset Studios and Beyond Summerland Entertainment where all of the services I provide are completely free.

My paid work and study assistance allows me the space to provide my services for free, the goal however is to become fully self sustainable as a donations artist doing what I love everyday independent of paid work and study assistance.

I want to soar with my passions and ensure that everyone else gets to as well because I believe that everybody should have the chance to learn something that they are passionate about. I have a genuine desire to assist others to be embraced in their passions EVERYDAY without financial constraints.

Soulset Studios is a creative hub and centralised point for all of the creative projects I am involved across all of the various platforms including Thaylia, Ella and BSE. Soulset Studios focuses on a number of areas of creative art such as film, music, photography, dance and creative design.

The BSE 'brand' is a partnership and focuses mostly on film, music and educational workshops. My role is film producer, composer and editor. My partner and I also facilitate drama and music workshops together via donation. 

The Ella 'brand' is a new creative venture which focuses only on electronic music. I have set up a new YouTube channel and various social media where I will be providing free mentoring, tutorials, vlogs and performances which focuses only on electronic music. I have set up a new YouTube channel and various social media where I will be providing free mentoring, tutorials, vlogs and performances.

The Thaylia 'brand' focuses on the singer-songwriter-producer area and over the past few years I have been recording and releasing music on both paid and free platforms under this artist name have performed a number of times for various festivals and events including free community performances.

As a donations based artist and entrepreneur I never demand or expect to be paid any fees, I also do not charge a set price for my services. In return others can express their gratitude and donate in return, however it is not expected.

I have performed and worked on number of occasions for free and gratefully accept payments when and if it is offered. However I do not see any financial return as a payment of services rather as a gift.

Everyone will have access to all my creations for free whether you donate or not because I believe in offering everything up for free and making everything I create available for all to see with no exclusivity. This is why I have set no rewards on this Patreon page. I believe in just offering you gifts for free without any expectation in return, therefore it is completely up to your desire if you want to donate. 

Your donations will pay for this along with other expenses such as rent, food; bills and insurances, various music business running expenses, personal/music related equipment & software, and personal items & clothes. 

Thank you for your time and support.
Thalia X

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