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Hey everybody - this is Mark with Soul Shelter Music!  Thank you for being a subscriber of my YouTube channel!  Since 2012, I have been helping hundreds of people worldwide learn acoustic guitar & play music, sometimes for the very first time!

Can I ask you 2 questions?  1) Have any of my acoustic guitar lessons ever helped you learn a song?  If so, 2) would you be open to supporting me with a small donation?

Here are 2 examples of my tutorial videos that have gotten almost 50,000 views so far:

Running Soul Shelter Music takes resources to fund all of the things I would like to do on my page.  Your support would mean a lot to me, and would help me continue doing what I love -- helping people make music around the world!  

Joining Patreon is a way for you to partner with me to continue Soul Shelter Music into the future.  All video lessons will still be uploaded to YouTube & available to you for free.  And, you have the choice to put a cap (or limit) on your spending.  I usually average about one or two lessons each month, so that would only mean $2 per month if you signed up @ the $1 level.

Right now, I'm at the start of an EP project, which I'm pulling together with primarily 2 other people at the moment.  I would like to be able to compensate them for their help with my EP, and your contributions would definitely help me in that regard.  The project will be a mix of secular & Christian contemporary music, and maybe a cover song (haven't decided which one yet). 

I hope that you pray about & consider helping me & my efforts moving forward.  Again, thank you to all of my loyal subscribers; I appreciate your support of what I'm doing!

God bless,

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