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About Shattered Soulstone


Welcome, heroes of Sanctuary! If you know all about Shatterted Soulstone, check out our Tiers below. So let me take a moment of your time to explain who we are and why we are running a Patreon campaign.

Who We Are
Our show, the Shattered Soulstone, is one of the longest running fan-podcasts devoted to Blizzard Entertainment's Diablo game franchise. Starting in October 2011 - under the Dawnforge Network umbrella - our show has produced years of content prior to the launch of Diablo III.

Our show takes a community focus approach by creating conversations with our listeners through mediums such as Twitter, audio submissions, and email. If any of our listeners takes the time to submit something to us, we take the time to share it, discuss it, and sometimes even tangent off of it. This is the foundation of our show and is the inspiration behind the phrase "This show is powered by you, the listener."

Why We are Running a Patreon Campaign
Creating and publishing a weekly show does have costs, both in time and money, including for editing, hosting, and the time it takes to record the show and manage the community. We are running this campaign in an effort to offset these costs so that our future shows can continue to be produced at the quality level and priority that they currently are.

Thank You!
By even visiting this campaign site you have shown interest in supporting our show. We appreciate the time you have taken coming here and reading this and we thank you for that. It is people like yourself that continue to inspire us to produce the show. Without our listeners the show wouldn't be the same. We love you!
$23 of $50 per month
We will post a monthly story time episode with the hosts with the show reaching full funding. 
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