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About Soul Symphony

More and more people are waking up spiritually, at younger ages. A spiritual awakening can be confusing and make a person feel lost with no direction. I provide absolutely free tarot and oracle readings (free help getting guidance from a person's spirit guides and angels), free support for those having a spiritual awakening, free educational resources on spiritual and metaphysical topics, free chakra clearing. At my brick and mortor store, all of my services are for free, including readings, classes, jewelry customization,  spiritual support, chakra education and much more. 

As a gift, I provide free personal readings and support through YouTube as well.

Nobody should have to go through a rapid spiritual awakening alone and unknowing of what is happening to them. Everyone who needs help in receiving guidance from their spiritual "crew" , especially those who can't afford to pay,  will have access. 
Anyone who can and wants to help me by donating, can do this here. Donations are never required, but very helpful, very needed, and very appreciated. I've recently realized I could use some help from those who truly can and want to help. So, I have made it easier to receive by creating this page. Donations help me keep on giving.

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