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SEEKER OF SELF (self-awareness)
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Gain Self-Awareness: This is the perfect tier for people who want to gain self-awareness, so you answer your own questions of the heart and soul. This is achieved through asking you effective questions that lead you towards clarity, truth, and self-discovery. I ask you the RIGHT questions in order to guide you towards the truth, so you can answer your own questions. Right questions are those that get to the root (truth) of the problem or situation. 


You will receive:

-Exclusive self-awareness blogs & podcasts

Learn self-awareness strategies: Here you’ll learn effective strategies to increase awareness of your own heart, mind, body, and spirit so you can INNERSTAND yourself on deeper levels to make better decisions, gain insight, and empower yourself. 

Self-awareness topics: life purpose, strengths, weaknesses, personal needs, personal values, skills/abilities/talents, dreams, passions, superpowers, dream building, personal philosophy, etc.  


 Self-awareness questions to increase _____________________

The ______________questions you need to ask yourself to gain _____________

How to increase awareness of ____________________

CREATOR OF SELF (self-improvement)
per month
Self-Improvement Strategies: This is the perfect tier for people who want to learn the art of personal transformation to improve and empower themselves. Here you’ll learn the practical strategies to improve yourself strengths, skills, abilities, and powers so you live an empowered life and create within your INNER & OUTER world. 

You will receive:

-Exclusive self-improvement blogs & podcasts

Self-improvement topics: decision makings, clarity, direction, life purpose, goal setting, dream building, inspiration/motivation, routines/rituals, affirmations, focus, mindset, knowledge, learning, change, planning, progressing/transforming, building rhythm/flow, etc. 


How to increase ___________

How to change _____________

How to do ___________

How to be _________

Keys to _____________

Tips to ___________ 

MASTER OF SELF (self-mastery)
per month
Self-Mastery Methods: This is the perfect tier for people who want to learn the art of self-mastery to control, maintain, and transcend their heart, mind, body, and spirit. Here you’ll learn the strategies, practices, and mindset of mastery so you can evolve into the highest expression of yourself. 

You will receive:

-Exclusive self-mastery blogs & podcasts


Mind: How to become a MasterMIND (shifting thoughts, understanding your mind, controlling your mindset) 

Heart: How to practice Emotional ALCHEMY (shifting emotional states_  

Body: How to progress through PHYSICAL limits (transcending limits) 

Spirit: How to become a MASTER SOUL (living in higher consciousness) 

Principles of mastery: (elements of mastery: maintenance, refinement, expression, success, manifestation, transcendence, alchemy)   




WHO is Soul the Philosopher?
Soul is a heartfelt writer, soul philosopher, and creative problem solver.

WHERE did Soul come from, what's Soul's story? 
Soul incarnated to Earth to help guide others towards self-mastery so they can awaken their inner creator to reach higher levels of expression and enlightenment. 

WHAT does Soul do?
-Soul EMPOWERS others by sharing the keys of self-awareness, self-improvement, and self-mastery so they can unlock their own physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual potential. 

-Soul creatively solves problems through intuition and his philosophical mindset to share KNOWLEDGE. 

-Soul breaks down questions, problems, and ideas to gain TRUTH.

-Soul shares practical philosophies to help others gain WISDOM. 

What is Soul’s mission?
Mission: To INSPIRE & EMPOWER you to achieve self-mastery, so you can create the life of your dreams.

Self-Awareness → Self-Improvement → Self-Mastery → Success → Life of Dreams (FUTURE)

HOW does Soul empower others? 
Soul provides the keys of: 1) Self-awareness 2) Self-improvement 3) Self-mastery through BLOGS, PODCASTS, and CREATIVE CONTENT (Instagram

WHY is Soul empowering others?
Soul KNOWS there’s a master inside you waiting to be unlocked and unleashed in order to create the life of your dreams. The master inside you is supremely powerful and positive in heart, mind, body, and spirit. The master inside you desires greatness, success, and personal freedom. By learning how to unlock your inner master through self-mastery, you have the ability to create the life of your dreams.

Steps of self-mastery: 
  1. Self-Awareness (knowing who you are)
  2. Self-Improvement (creating who you are/building personal value) 
  3. Self-Mastery (transcending who you are) 

Soul knows you have the ability to create and express the art of your own soul (dreams). In order to unlock your soul’s potential you have to master all aspects of self: body, mind, heart, and soul. By mastering all elements of the self (body,mind,heart,spirit) you open the door for your soul's infinite expression to emerge, to uplift and empower yourself and others to live in higher consciousness and expression. 

HOW can Soul help me achieve self-mastery? 
The doors of self-mastery (heart, mind, body, spirit) are opened once you have the keys to unlock their unique superpowers. Who has the keys to unlock these doors of self mastery? YOU of course. But sometimes along our soul's path we forget where we left the keys. Soul the Philosopher himself began his journey of self-mastery in 2011, and along his own path of empowerment he has discovered where the keys to unlocking the potential of the body, mind, heart, and spirit are. Soul has experienced the power of self-transformation in his own life, and seeks to help everyone reach their highest possible level of expression and enlightenment along their path. 

Through Soul's firsthand knowledge, experience, and dedicated practice of self-empowerment he shares these hidden keys with others, so they may unlock their potential to create the life of their dreams. Soul has not only discovered where the keys to the self are found, but also how to improve these areas so you can become a master of your own universe. Soul is a dedicated Student of Life who seeks to learn, create, and grow in life, and shares the keys of mastery as he himself evolves. If you are inspired to become the master of your life and to discover the keys to LEARN who you are (self-awareness), CREATE you are (self-improvement), and become the MASTER of your own universe (self-mastery) join Soul the Philosopher! 

Soul's Core Knowings (not beliefs, but knowings):
1. Self-Awareness leads to → Clarity, Direction, Life Purpose
2. Self-Improvement leads to → Empowerment
3. Self-Mastery leads to → Success

Soul's Core Philosophy: 
There is an inner master inside you that can create the life of your dreams. The keys to unlocking your inner master are self-awareness, self-improvement, and self-mastery.

Soul's sayings: 
"May the Soul be with you" 
"With the power of Soul anything is possible" 
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When I reach 111 patrons, I will create a YouTube channel to share self-awareness, self-improvement, and self-mastery tips. 

Intention: The channel will be used to share exclusive content, answer user's personal questions, take suggestions for video topics, and share inspirational/motivational content. 
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 8 exclusive posts
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