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Voyager I is a space probe. It's really far away from us. Take what you want from that info. But what I'm trying to convey is that I appreciate you for taking a chance on me, just like NASA took a chance with Voyager I, and look where it is now.*

*extremely cold and currently exiting the solar system

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A Space Shuttle toy is one of my earliest childhood memories. Oddly enough, it was a part of a play-set that revolved entirely around colonizing Mars which, if you didn't know, hasn't happened. Imagine my disappointment in my early childhood development finding out my play-set wasn't even grounded in concrete fact. Dreams don't come true.

Oh and also I'll give you a personalized thank you as well as a space-themed Graphic I'll make myself that you can choose to do whatever with. 

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The Apollo Program was a series of space missions to get humans to and from the Moon. Tom Hanks almost got killed during one of them while Gary Sinese was drowning in his Scotch over not being able to go to space I think.

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About sound/escape

I picked up a guitar when I was 9 and it changed my life.

I have since been inspired by the sonic sound waves of current groups and bands of yore such as Hum, Hopesfall, Nothing, and Failure.

Realistically I'm just a boy looking up at the sky every night trying to capture that sound. What I create musically reflects that.
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When I reach $50 per month, I will start a monthly YouTube series featuring album and guitar gear reviews, as well as a recommended track of the month.
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