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"As time goes by new ideas are inspired."

I am a healer creating new modules of life and healing modalities. I strive to perfect my life by inventing new techniques to include all walks of life from healing to creating to finding the new you never knew was there. As I strive for perfect, I find myself at peace with the idea of who I am. It's a simple methodology that exists in time as space as the all knowing of the soul. When I create my works I need time apart from social business and understand the means in which I'm making my old life new. It's an inventive process that starts small and endeavors itself by aligning with new works of life. Small moments in time created by allowing a new life to grow, an inspiring time piece of work invented with the notion of knowing the souls journey into a new place and journey. 

As the life of a creator exists it exists to create new breadcrumbs if living in a way that entails the most detailed of life within itself. A lining of endearment too entailed in life worth living, it still finds its suit to create. 
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Once I reach 500 patrons I will introduce live discussion groups on different topics related to healing. My goal with this is to get people talking about their healing process and the different ways they have overcome obstacles etc, with the support of an established healer who has been through the process herself.

My overall goal is to start something similar to AA or NA, but with healing old wounds and trauma in order to create self-sustained mastery. There is power in bringing things into the light, an idea shown by society with campaigns like #metoo and others. Getting people talking allows things forgotten to come up and creates freedom from our past!**

Where we focus our attention is what we create! These talks will allow a healthy connection with others to move from victimhood, lack, etc and begin to create new verbiage, new thought processes, and begin to see a change in their life. Empowerment through self-mastery and creation.

How many times have you been on a healing call with someone going through something similar to you but not been able to actually get the chance to make the connection and create a conversation around it?  My goal is to make a way for this to happen with mentorship to keep the healing progressive and not falling back into old ways. 

The platform will also allow for confidential, private, anonymous connections between members if they wish, something facebook groups do not allow.

As before, the more my patrons numbers grow the more discussion groups and interactive activities I will be able to host!

(I'm open to ideas for platforms I can use for this model of connection as well!)

**PLEASE NOTE- I am not suggesting these groups will follow the same ideals as the others mentioned, those are just examples.
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