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My name is Faith. I am a twin soul from Missouri. I create healing and inspiration to help people move out of old wounds and old ways to connect to their higher self, allowing them to connect more to the light within. I'm starting this page in hopes of being able to reach more people without the need for high priced healing sessions. While worth the investment, not everyone can afford high priced healing sessions, especially when it comes to a twin flame journey where the healing never seems to end. With more supporters, I am hoping to be able to offer more healing opportunities, publish more writing, and eventually offer group healing sessions at minimal cost for anyone on any kind of healing journey so that I can be of more support to more people. My goal is to create a community to support a steady healing process, where others can connect and learn from each other with the support of a trusted healer. Having others to turn to for support and to confide in about what I was going through was so vital on my journey, being able to provide that for others in a safe environment has been a long time goal of mine. 

The twin flame and ascension process is an inward journey that continues to evolve. As more and more twins are activated and the push for twins to come together continues, this healing is essential. I have spent months working on my own healing for my union. The amount of time I have put into collective and self-healing, for the most part unpaid, has given me the foundation for understanding twins and union and the process and will allow me to offer to heal others. This has put a dent in my own finances and living situations. I also have had to battle the beliefs of many people around me, mainly my family, who have been unsupportive of my efforts to keep my business going despite the sacrifices I have had to make for it to happen. This past year I have been homeless living out of my car, have been apart from my daughter, lost many belongings moving place to place, living with others who put a strain on my energy field and sanity and have been battling my family who just doesn't see my dream. With hope, this will change as more people wake up.

Currently, I am working to not only bring more light to what spiritual healing can offer but to also give myself the support needed to break free from any type of financial support by my family. Starting my business and dedicating my life to helping the twin flame community was a risk that I will never regret! 

As a healer and a twin soul, I go through the healing and process just the same as everyone else. No part of my journey is spared from intense work, deep healing, and spiritual focus which allows me then to share my journey with others in hopes of making a change in the world. As a first wave twin I have taken on a lot that, hopefully, many twins will never have to experience. My own healing is just as important to me as any other part of the journey. This is where support on Patreon will become monumental to me. Steady month to month cash flow is so important when raising a family. The instability created by a journey that is completely unpredictable creates stress in other areas, taking me away from my creative process and ability to reach out to more people without the high cost of sessions. 

I have so much to offer the twin flame and ascension communities and now with the financial support through Patreon and my supporters, I will be able to get more out there to help others at a cost that is beyond worth the minimal exchange of only $5.00/month.

Be sure to check out my goals as I hope to keep expanding healing opportunities the greater my community grows!

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Once I reach 200 patrons I will add a live monthly healing call with a Q & A session. My goal is to create stability in healing, allowing a place people can rely on if they need to reach out without having to pay for a session but while still supporting the healer!

My group healing sessions are powerful and for just $5/month much more affordable than the cost of a session! 

I will take suggestions from patrons as to what I will focus the healing on, so they decide what works best for them at that time. This will get people empowered in their healing, steering away from the traditional route of following the energy patterns and moon cycles. 

My calls will be available to those who are not patrons but there will be a higher cost and patrons will have first suggestions over  selected healing topics. As my patron #'s rise, the more free calls & opportunities I can host.
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