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About Shireen Mitchell

We've been dealing with and working on diversity in tech since 1999 focused on women and girls of color in tech.  Social networks have failed at the social part despite the focus on building communities and engagement. We are focused on the ways to highlight the problems and focus on the solutions. This includes data on all the nuances of diverse communities. 

Twenty years ago, the Internet as we know it did not exist, save for a few early adopters. Most of these pioneers were men, with women comprising less than 1% of users. This rarity of women appeared to prompt unsolicited comments of a sexual nature, but as they were few and far between, the potential challenge seen today remained unacknowledged. However, just recently, Pew Internet Life reported that American use of the internet is at an all-time high of 73%. The result? Sexually- and racially-charged comments continue to reach new heights.

Stop Online Violence Against Women, raises awareness and funding to stop online harassment. SOVAW addresses inadequate laws and policies that lack protections for women in particular women of color. The focus is on online violence against women laws, legislation and policy change at the local and federal level of government agencies. It is also holding technology and social media companies accountable for their actions or inactions. SOVAW will serves as a resource of services and options for women and women of color, based on their level of harassment or violence, and hopes to include diverse stories of women who are willing to share their experiences. We highlight and include partnering organizations, legislators & companies who are working together to address this important issue.

Support this work by contributing here and supporting the work that allows us to collects data, stories and media analysis on this important issue that ultimately affects all of us as President Obama has agreed and supports.  

We will continue our work in the following ways:

Collecting data, surveys, and reports

We spend an enormous amount of time reviewing and collecting data on the ongoing changes in the online environment. Presenting our data and information to tech companies and on the hill.

Conference calls and webinars

We need support for the tech and services to host our calls and webinars. We will be bringing experts across the globe to give a diverse perspective on these issues. And as tech evolves so does the challenges we face each day. 

Equipment and Travel

One of the highest expenses in this work is purchasing and maintaining equipment needed for video, audio, software and the tech to support it, to web hosting and laptops. 

The other is travel costs to attend conferences to present our data and discuss issues that are generally not fully supported in the industry. Our presence is needed more now than ever for the development of the next iteration of this tech phase. Your support will make it possible for us to continue this important work. 

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We want to increase the awareness of this issue. Most people don't understand what online violence looks like or how it affects them in their daily lives. Our reports and podcasts will toward a sea change in those views. Increase the protections and actions needed to address these issues. 
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