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-Loving Thank you shout out in a vlog
-I'll write you a personal hand written letter! 
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Hey name is Leticia Michelle usually go by Michelle. Living here in NorCal and sharing daily vlogs about what I eat as a vegan. Recently I started to begin sharing my experience about daily practice in meditation and sharing some positive talk and advice with you guys. As well as my journey to transitioning to a raw vegan and beginning to grow high vibrations foods. 
Born and raised in Texas grew up as a very depressed angry gal, destructive mentally and pretty aggressive destroying all my previous art. I was so unaware of my negative cycles that I was repeating them with relationships. All I wanted to do is sleep because I couldn't bare another second of reality. I was ungrateful and felt hopeless.
Finally finding peace when I began mediating 2014 and just have been in this acceleration upward spiral. I vowed my life to always choosing happiness and reflecting unconditional love to the mirror of reality. The plan is to marvel and be in ecstasy to share the example and help others interesting in an upward spiral growth in there life.
 There are three channels that I will be dedicating a great deal of adherence to. First one is my Daily vlogs about what I eat. My commitment to having an abundance of whole, ripe, fresh organic raw fruits and vegetables and expressing the outcome energy one feels when making the changes to nutrient dense meals.  Interesting towards a minimalist style and practicing positivity to show that it is possible to live that life because we are taught otherwise growing up. With pledging I will be able to give an upgrade to the quality.
I basically record from my phone and only able to upload 3 minutes at a time. I have many ways of life's beauty to share with you guys to help you relax and practice and cultivate positive habits. My second channel is Divine Light where I will share my personal mediation practice, guided meditations, education about worldly/universal meditations and relaxing music. My Third channel is Transmuting Out of A War where I will share my theories on how this slightly positive universe, and book Ideas to heal on a non physical dimension as well as the balance in female and male energy, and the ideas about the cannabis movement and other fascinating theories.  
Friends I am dedicating majority of my efforts to focus on these ideas and evolving to a place I prefer to live in. Constant positivity, simple natural healing and really serving a purpose to help others who want to just BE reassured of worlds vital virtue in absolute energy that you hold. Helping the animals, saving the animals, and saving yourself and having the best possible experience in this life and value oneself to the truest power and potenial we are unware of having already. 
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For this goal I would like to be able to get a microphone so I can make guided mediations! Also, to have another charger and memory card for my camera, upgrade for quality content.
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