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About Spain on a Fork

Welcome to the official Spain on a Fork Patreon page. My name is Albert Bevia and I love to cook and develop new recipes. I focus on creating classic Spanish recipes and other Spanish inspired dishes that everyone can easily make and enjoy at home. The purpose of my show is to share healthy and tasty recipes and as many tips and hacks as possible to help you out in the kitchen, hey you don´t have to be a chef to create amazing food and have fun in the kitchen. 

I made this patreon page because I want to continue to make and improve my cooking videos, however creating new videos has it´s expenses. In order for me to grow as a creator, I need you to join my team, so I can invest in better equipment and honestly to just help out with all the expenses in running Spain on a Fork. By just becoming an official patron for $1, you will make a world of a difference.

By becoming a Patreon you will get access to my patreon-only feed, which has its perks, for example you will get to see what videos I will be releasing before the public does, plus much more.

I have set-up some great rewards for my patrons, so become a patron and join me in this cooking adventure. MUCH LOVE to you and thank you.


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