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About Spark+Echo Arts

Hi Everyone, It’s a brand new era for Spark+Echo Arts. We have a new online platform that’s all about you, our community of patrons and artists. There are 31,102 verses in the Bible, and we are going to work together to illuminate every one over the next twelve years with a new work of art, music, theatre, poetry, dance, or film.

Along the way you will experience the Bible like never before: you’ll hear a verse come to life in ways you never would have imagined, and watch incredible artists wrestle with Scripture right in front of you… all of this, thousands of times over. This is a truly one-of-a-kind, giant, never-been-done-before project, and you’re going to make it happen!

Sign up here as a patron at We have spots reserved for 2,000 patrons. You decide what amount feels right to you. $1 a month, $5 a month, $20... You can change your amount or stop at any time.

Then, use your Patreon login at Every month you will get five “sparks". Sparks are like currency, a vote, a boost, a way to say, “I want to see this verse illuminated next…maybe with theater, or dance, or a string quartet“. You can also use your sparks to give a boost to a work in progress. Let an artist know that you like their concept for a work and help them shape their work along the way.

Patrons, you really are the fuel that makes this project go. We've done the math: A full house of patrons will allow us all to illuminate the entire Bible in twelve years with thousands of stunning works of art, from artists in every US state and every country around the world.

Sounds fun, right? 

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Oh, and before we go… here's a little more about our mission and our artists!

Spark and Echo Arts is creating a new work of art, music, theatre, poetry, dance, or film in response to every verse of the Bible.

This project was founded in 2010 on the question, what if we asked today’s most innovative creators to pick a passage in the Bible and respond to it however they like? What would they uncover? How would the process impact them? How would the work move through their artistic community?
Since then we’ve commissioned hundreds of artists from diverse backgrounds–religious, secular, across cultures, and around the world. These artists have illuminated over three thousand verses through gorgeous dance films, beautiful sculpture, quirky music, and THE best art you'll ever find about a genealogy.

Along the way we've built this funky community of artists and art lovers, Bible fans and people who might not otherwise be interested in the Bible. Now we want to bring everybody together to help Spark and Echo Arts really take off, and the site Patreon is where that is going to happen.

Patreon is a platform that unites creators and their audience, helping you personally support the ongoing work of projects you love. Instead of a big one-off crowd funding campaign, Patreon lets you support steady work, and in return become a key part of making that work happen. For long-term non-profits like us this is ideal, because we are regularly creating new work.

As more of you sign on, together we can reach new goals like releasing an illuminated Bible app, or starting a workshop for major collaborative works on Scripture. And someday, we will have every verse of the Bible illuminated, with this wild collection of art, and in a very direct way you will have made that happen. Thanks friends and patrons.

Try it out, sign up. We’ll see you on Patreon!
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With 100 patrons using our new web platform by Cantilever, we will be humming along. It's a whole new era for Spark+Echo Arts!
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