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per whenever you feel like helping out.
Funds collected with $1 dollar donations will go towards building and maintaining a website with STL Files, Excel Files,  schematics, and software related to my Sparkstarter Youtube channel projects.
Sparkstarter Spectroscope Kit
Limited (100 remaining)
per whenever you feel like helping out.
Spectroscope accurate to within +/- 10 nano-meters. 

Sparkstarter Channel will ship spectroscope kit to your address with $55 dollar donation includes free shipping (In USA). Spectroscope Kit is in pieces for shipping purposes some assembly required. Works great with spectrum analysis applications.



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Share interesting and important ideas.
Explore the world by experiment.
Collect feedback on my experiences and ideas.
Create a network of people and ideas that can solve problems.
Build a better future by empiricism and invention.

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