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You wish to see the BTS of how I do my drawings? What I do, or how I do it? I will post image-per-image tutorials, videos, or other ressource for you to know the process of my art ! 
(This includes all of what's in the 5$ reward !)
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About Mokaaii / Sparrow'z

Hello guys, Sparrow here !

Welcome, and thanks for making your way to my Patreon page ! 
I've always thought about living off my art, and you can now help me do that, by getting rewards each month !

A bit about who I am :

My name is Léa, I'm French, born the 30th of October, i've been drawing since I have been able to hold a pencil, and slowly got to the point where people told me "you could definitly live off your art". But I never took the big jump and tried to be one of those artists. Didn't feel worth of it? Maybe. Scared? Definitely. But you know how life is, and sometimes, taking risks is worth it !

Besides doing Graphite drawings and art in general, I also happen to play games a lot, and I will probably stream more often when I get a second monitor. Feel free to give me a follow on Twitch, even if I'm offline. You can then be notified when I get on !

About my art :

Since I'm pretty new to all this, please be kind. 
- I most of the time draw with a Graphite pencil. Not because I can't draw with other things, but because I prefer the look and the type of result I get. I sketch on a regular basis, and using a graphite pencil and an eraser pen, is way easier when you're outside, or in a cafe to draw !
- While I am able to paint or draw with colour pencils, or other materials (resulting in a coloured drawing) the price of art materials is a deterrent, and I do not have the means right now to do this. Maybe in the future though !

About my name : 

Why Sparrow?

Well long story short, my last name translated to English is Sparrow. I also happen to do a pretty good impersonation of the Captain with the same name, so it seemed to be the only choice !

Why Mokaaii?

To be completely honest with you, I don't really know, I just thought it sounded good, and looked pretty. I started taking this name ingame a good seven years ago at least, so no, it isn't related to League of Legends, or at least, I had no clue it would have been related to it when I decided to use this IGN.
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When I hit 100$ per month, I will be able to create bigger pieces, and send them to people who buy my art ! 
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