is creating 1:18 custom accesories for gijoe and similar figures.
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with this  you will have access to my wip content that is not published anywhere else.

custom scraps, concept art. workshop pictures, etc.

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with this pledge you  will get 5% discount on my Etsy store every month.  also you can suggest what bodies or accesories i should do next.

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at this level  you will receive a monthly discount of 10% on my Etsy store. also you will have access to vote on my next projects.

as a bonus you will get a hard resin copy of your choice of a monthly  Type C  prototype i have already made (you only need to pay $5 shipping, but i can keep them in a pile of loot so you only pay once every time you want your stash to be shipped). 




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About Spartan118

hello there.
spartan118 here. 

help me create some original accesories for 1:18 figures. 
i am currently focusing in making original sculpts from existing videogame characters that did not exist on 1:18 scale (MASS EFFECT, DEAD SPACE, HALO, OVERWATCH, GEARS OF WAR, etc...) 

custom casting materials (epoxy clay, resins, silicone, 3d printers etc) are expensive, so it cost a lot to develop new product and accesories, also i am a self taught customizer, and try to make all my pieces by myself. 

as a Patron you will get to sugest what items should i make next. get some free stuff, discounts on my etsy store, and much more..

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$0 of $50 per month
when i reach $50 i will start making and producing at least one original head 1/18  per month..  Head casts will be Called LEVEL C  projects.
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