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About SpeakArt

Hi everyone! Welcome to our page!

SpeakArt is a online platform listing funded and free artist-in residence programs for art professionals.

This project was initiated with a simple yet essential question – How can artists pursuit their dreams while maintaining the standard of life?

Did you know that artists pay approximately from 600 to 2000 USD to participate in artist-in-residency programs? That is more expensive than their monthly rent!

Through our own research and online resources, SpeakArt helps artists to find countless opportunities that provide with financial support and grants. The subscribers have a free-of-charge access to all the information.

Since 2016, our community grows every day, and we strongly feel the need of keeping this platform active. However, to run our self-funded project, we need your support! We want to make our website more user-friendly by adding a category search and advanced features.
We also want to develop an App so that artists can save a list of their favorite open calls and set a reminder of coming deadlines! Every change of this will be only possible with your help.

Who wants to join our journey to bring a change to art communities? Who believes in dreams and sustainable life? If it is you, come on board, and we'll make a great change together!

Marie Chaumont
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We want to add more advanced features to our website, including a search engine and calendar for coming deadlines. Also, your donation will be invested to develop our App that will allow users to have access to customized list of open calls.  A small donation will help us to realize this dream!
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