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Here you'll get the access to more than 80 video lessons of a misterious Russian language, will learn pronunciation and the most important phrases and ready made sentenses, but I left a little gap for your "food for thought" too, don't worry, along with possible confusion situations (hilarious) that might happen to you, if you put the wrong stress to the same words! Join me with 1 click and have a hobby that  will make you smile every day & improve your memory and logical reasoning drastically, as learning a foreign language is the best thing to keep your mind healty and sharp!!!




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About Yulia Andronova

Hello to everybody who dropped by my page surfing the world net of amenities and info, that builds the life of a conteporary person. I am a writer, an interpreter, a traveller, but most of all I am a teacher to the bone. Perhaps that is my mission in life I guess, as one way or another life bumbs me upon adults and kids who need my linguistic and psychological help, which I do for them at once and with great pleasure, as if I was born for it. I have very different students, some of them have psychiatric disorders, but joining my lessons and spending time with me most of  them somehow cured themselves and I am proud of them immensely! Thus I realised that studying languages can be not only obligation at school or work, it can be a fulfilling breathtaking hobby, that broadens your mind and kill devils in your brains lol. Join me and enjoy 3 most interesting lessons a week to find out more about 1 of the largest country in the world - Russia! Besides, imagine how you'll surprise your friends suddenly being able to understand and speak Russian!
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That might sound crazy but I crave people around the world to speak Russian and know more about my native country and it's people and kind and passionate mentality! The more people subscribe my account - the harder I will work for you! This is my dream and I hope I can get you excited about that, as learning any language does so much good to a person of any age, develops memory and mental health. Education is light! Education is the best prevention of us turning into animals and start fighting. So let's reach my dream together forming a large sparkling beam of light ! Thank you so much!
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