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About Spectrum

I am a creator working on my first ever project. So far I have collected many volunteers dedicating their free time to this project, though as we move forward this simply cannot cut it. We need the money to help pay for music/song writers, animators, voice actors, etc. and patreon seems like the perfect place to get that boost we need!

Spectrum is an animated project that's slowly being brought to life. The world our characters live in could be described as a color wheel, every area and person being dedicated to a single color and a single role. A long time ago in the past, these colors used to be able to mingle and be who they wanted to be, but now an evil tyrant has risen to power and ever since everyone has been forced into places where they can't express themselves. Our chosen ones are going on a journey, guided by ghosts of the past to free the Spectrum and take down our antagonist once and for all.
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When I reach 50 patrons, I'll hire some extra help to get videos and updates out faster.
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