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The Spectrum next is the newest 8 bit personal computer on the market, developed by Henrique Olifiers and a team of engineers and funded through its own kick starter campaign. 

This Patreon page has been created in an effort to reward all Spectrum Next content creators for their hard work and dedication to the system by providing them all with an income in one way or another.

How it will work is simple, every penny raised on both this Patreon page and you tube through revenue will be distributed between all content creators evenly each month based on the content they provide.

Each month all the earned revenue will be collected up and split into the following Accounts.

75% will be paid to all content creators for the previous month. If 40 videos are produced for example, the amount will be split into 40 shares, and each content creator will receive a share based on the number of videos they have created.

5% will be placed into a kitty, which will be available to all content creators who have supplied at least 5 videos, in order to purchase products, items, games and other peripherals for use in their videos, however all products purchased must be given away at the end of the video to a random viewer.

10% of the funds will be placed into Two prize pools (one for Patreon members, and one for channel viewers), and each month a selection of goods pertaining to the Spectrum Next will be purchased and provided as a prize pool for one or more lucky viewers

and finally, the last 10% will be given to myself, for the extra work that i will be undertaking to keep this channel running.

By joining this Patreon page, and contributing to the creators themselves, you will have access to many bonus features that normal viewers will not be privy too.

Thank you for your continued support.

Keith Appleby BA
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