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Hi! If you'd like in-depth details about what I'm writing and information about me, please visit my website at Crockpot Thoughts. Everything you need to know should be there. And if it's not, feel free to ask! 

So for this Patreon page, I have listed several goals that I'd like to achieve. These goals are really just to operate the site. I'm not trying to make a lot of money from this right now. I'm OK to lose money on it actually. But if I could cover my costs and upgrade the site, that would be awesome. And I would/will be incredibly appreciative of anyone who decides to help with that. 

However, before you consider giving your money, I want to make sure I'm completely honest. I do not know how long I will write for. As of the start of this project, I have 6-8 weeks of material. I'm really proud of this material, and I feel comfortable saying it's worth paying for. But past that, I cannot guarantee anything. 

How much more I write will depend on two factors. First, if I keep having ideas I want to write about, I'll write about them regardless. If I keep writing because I have ideas, it will not be consistent. It will just be writing when I have an idea. If you're OK paying for that, I really appreciate it. But I don't want to over promise anything. 

Second, if this blog actually becomes popular and profitable, then I would consider putting the full-time effort in to make it work. At that point, I would try to guarantee regular content, add special material for Patreon describers, and do whatever else I need to maximize the site. If I reach this point, I'll make it explicit that I'm committing myself to this site as a revenue stream. Otherwise, presume you're paying for scenario one. 

If you're comfortable paying for this proposed arrangement, I cannot be more thankful. The idea that someone might pay for what I write is mind blowing. And I will do everything I can to make sure I provide you good material in return for your investment. 
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