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About Spencer Pugh

Hi, friends!
My name is Spencer and I'm a self-proclaimed "Bedroom Musician" working to make weekly cover videos for YouTube alongside my two main musical projects The Band Concord and The Garden and The Crow. It's quite a process to be working an 8-5 job while trying to work on cover videos and original content.

Enter Patreon.

Patreon support allows me to justify all of the countless hours spent learning, practicing, recording, editing, and publishing these cover videos as well as making time for the inspiration, writing, recording, etc. of original content. I love creating and sharing music, as well as the interactions and joy that the process brings.

Pledging whichever amount you want per upload will help me keep my content frequent and high quality. Pledging also gives you special goodies in return. The higher the tier, the more goodies!

Q. How often will you upload?
My goal thus far is to shoot for one video per week. If I ever decide to post more frequently, you will be the first to know so you won't end up spending more than you sign up for.

Q. What If I just want to make a one-time donation or simply pay monthly?
That's awesome! Just set your monthly cap to the amount you want to donate and you can always cancel at any time.
$17 of $25 per Song
I think giveaways are the bomb-diggety. If we can get to $25 per song, I'll randomly select a Patron to receive a $50 Amazon gift card! Or, better yet, we can vote on something with equal value to give away!
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