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Hooray! You're donating 1 buck to Spider Inc! That'll surely help us work on our projects. In return you get to be verified and Featured on UploadIt & on Articlr when featured writers are implemented (for 1 month), you will also receive 100 coins on Articlr (and Uploadit when implemented) per month. We will message you for your Uploadit and Articlr usernames after you donate. Along with those perks, you also get beta access to upcoming features!
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Help us out even more with 5 bucks! With this tier, you can suggest one feature to us and we'll add it (if it's reasonable), you will also be featured as said on the previous tier.

You will also get an extra 400 coins on top of the already given 100 coins from the "Donator" tier.




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Spider (development team) is creating Uploadit, a WIP video sharing platform and Articlr, a writing platform.
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When we reach $15 a month, we will hide ads to all patrons.
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