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“It isn’t just about the game. It’s about the people behind, the emotions involved, the efforts put and the stories the game developers want people to experience.”

Spiel Times.

Dozens, hundreds and thousands of people work days and nights to create a game and us reviewers spend just two weeks to slap a score on it. “Meh, it’s a failed effort.” “A truly breathtaking experience!” “It needs more work.”

We want to step back, for once, slow down the pace of time, and explore the depths of video games. Slow journalism, combined with art, music, visual splendours, interactive elements and emotions.

It won’t be an article, podcast, interview, video or hell, even a well-produced documentary. But an interactive experience, a presentation, a book, you’d travel through with every scroll, click and swipe.

We’re calling it -
Spiel Times Unrushed
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