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I have dropped out of university to write. I had fought the urge for years, but a week before my 23rd birthday I realised I had to do it and I couldn't fight it any more. Here is one of my stories. If you would like to see more, please donate so I can write instead of tutoring and working odd jobs. Every $25/month means one less week of work a year, and I appreciate any and all donations, no matter how small.

Litterary culture is a wasteland of morally bankrupt bullshit populated by bloated nonentities who use the word "creative" as a noun; Bi, geeky progressives who publish their own tweets; "Award-winning" rubbish by withered half-men who look like lesbians; Tepid pablum by "down-to-earth" country girls; Mutoids who think being ugly makes them avant-garde; Shrivelled intellectuals who slink between the shadows muttering "Foucault" and "Derrida", believing it will render them invisible to weaker minds; Endless regiments of grinning humanoids in ironed shirts, the agents of the Twee Panopticon who mandate happiness; Pseudopods of the LGBTQIA+-slash-POC matrix who elevate identity above talent; Rich young dilettantes mistaking idleness for genius; Urbanites mistaking ennui for a personality. Behold: An endless procession of miscarriages limping blindly beneath heavy skies set aswirl with black smoke! Beneath carrion birds squawking dirges and spiralling over the doomed heads of those who remain! The Sun left this place long ago.

I don't want to sell my soul to these people. They're barbarians wallowing in the ruins of an artistic culture that they helped destroy; apes in dinnersuits toasting abandoned wine over smashed statuary! I hate them!!! They have souls like withered old hags and I want to destroy them and build something better on top of their bones. Something beautiful! Don't even donate - just promise me you will destroy them. Their madness ends here, with us!!!

I'm glad you asked!!!! The story above is a fairly good sample of what I like writing - I like Moby-Dick and Gustave Flaubert's The Temptation of St. Anthony very much. I would like my writing to be like the artwork of Gustave Moreau, Anatoly Fomenko and this painting by Monsieur Desiderio. I am writing a novel (~30,000 words so far), and have several frameworks developed for others. I've been writing an RPG system and various settings (>100,000 words), which I am cleaning up for publication and posting on a blog here. I write short stories and articles about all sorts of abstruse nonsense, which I will publish more of online. I have written several blogs, but am too embarrassed by their contents to link them here. I also write continually in my notebooks.


Every month I'll post a summary of what I've done with links to all I've published. If I ever get more money than I need out of this, I want to donate it to other artists who need money and set up institutions to support people more interested in making good art than the sickening social climbing and faddism which characterises the art world today.

I also love receiving emails and talking to people, so send me an email at [email protected] if you like. Have a nice day.
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