is creating A.P.O.C, a supernatural web-comic
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With $1 a month, you can help support my work as I keep on making things, which I am hugely thankful for.

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About Spikings

Hi there! I'm Hannah Spikings, a freelance artist and creator of the webcomics A.P.O.C and Frolicking Freelancery! I drink a lot of tea, eat a lot of pizza, and probably work too much.

I've set up this page to support the webcomics I create - I keep my main projects free to read, but this is where you can access them earlier than anywhere, help me pay for groceries and access some bonus goodies along the way!

is a supernatural webcomic about a bunch of young adults who have the abilities of the four horsemen of the apocalypse inside them. There will be conflict, weird demonic happenings, London shenanigans and regular trips to the local chippy.
I'll be uploading pages on here earlier than anywhere else, so keep an eye out!

I sometimes update a slice of life comic called Frolicking Freelancery about how weird my life can be sometimes, or how weird I make my life without always realising it. It will always be free and if I make any new strips in the future, this will be the first place you'll hear about it!

Other things I offer on this page include:

  • Free updates for followers on any finished commissions + occasional life/journal updates!
  • Early access to convention content I'll be making, which includes art prints, books, stickers and more!
  • A public discord called Webcomics & Chill, a quiet place where we talk about webcomics and chill - it also doubles up as a mega resource center!
  • A Twitch channel where I broadcast my work every Tuesday from 1-4pm UTC, and Thursdays from 9:30-12:00pm UTC!  when I get round to it! Twitch burnt me out for a while, but feel free to follow me there for any updates.

So there you have it! I really hope you can support me in any way possible, but if you're low on money (or I just haven't convinced you), then check out my twitter for more art stuff that's free to see!
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I will make an extensive tutorial on whatever subject is most requested - be it line-art, sketching, design, colouring, etc, I'll do it!
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