is creating reports, articles and insight into the video game industry.
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I appreciate everyone who can support me, thats why i offer most of the content in the lowest tier possible:

  • Access to exclusive comments, articles and other insights into the industry. 
  • Access to a supporters-only discord-server, where supporters can come with feedback on what i should do next.

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Whetever you are wanting to get to know more about a certain company, or even a specific country, this tier will give you access to my analytical dashboard. (Limited to one country, and 12 months of historical data)

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Same as Insighter Go, but with all countries available.




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About Krister

I enjoy making reports, gathering data, and write articles and commentary about the Norwegian Games industry. What a day it would be if i one day could be able to live of doing what i enjoy.

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I am able to cover all of my basic costs for doing this. This includes things like server-fees, domains, databases, etc.

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