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1 Dollar Patron
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$1.00 dollar donations are an incredible way to play a part in supporting these events. Think of it like chipping in for food and drink.
"Free" entry
per month
$5.00 is what we collect at the door for our events. Patrons will not be required to pay this at the door and it really helps us out in planning out reliable get-togethers. 

Name will appear at the beginning of the Weekly Update. Feel free to ask to be "anonymous"
Spinsconsin t-shirt
per month
This may change to include sweaters and tanks. After recieving the first payment you will be sent a black t-shirt with a white design: Spinsconsin on the front, a prop carrying androgynous wanderer on the back.

Feel free to ask for a specific color combination: we'll have one made up and sent to you, it'll just take longer.  




per month


Through the Facebook group www.facebook.com/groups/spinsconsin there is a poll deciding the location of a state-wide flow jam which takes place on the last Saturday of every month. Spinsconsin also releases a weekly newsletter about the WI, IL and Midwest flow arts workshops, flow jams and flow related events/news. This Patreon and donations at events are the ways we can provide more to attendees such as food, drink, musical variety, fuel/safety equipment, batteries & whites (gloving), aerial equipment and much more.

We also intend to give back to the people of the world and the world itself: $1 of every $20 will go to the reforestation project https://onetreeplanted.org/!
Over time we will lend our support also to feeding, watering and sheltering people, email us about any suggested organizations!  
$97 of $300 per month
The most expensive events have involved a security deposit and a hefty hourly rate. No event has exceeded this amount, as such this is how we can guarantee always to break even and provide at least food, drink and a workshop.
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