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Hey. I'm Spirit. It's awesome to meet you. You may know me as SpiritOfDancingFlames or as ScratchTheSky. I'm a brony, and I used to write on occasion.
I cleared out my old stories as I no longer feel proud of any of them. They're not gone, just unpublished. Probably gonna stay like that. Gah.
I've lost most of my creative drive save for a single work of fiction that's been going on between me and a friend of mine for about two years...ish. It's not complete. It's massive. It's probably not gonna become a story simply because it's too massive to rewrite without taking a year off.
I'm in a new life, with significantly fewer people, which is lonely, but my best friend is living with me, so I'm satisfied. Don't really know where life's taking me, guess I'll find out.
If you want to know about me, uh..
Derpy is best pony. Vinyl is best DJ. And Nowacking is one of the sexiest and most awesome people alive and I would hug him to pieces if I didn't have really bad anxiety and he's kind of one of the only idols I've ever had and i should stop talkingnowokaybye

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