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About Spiritreaver Designs

For anyone that just wants to directly support what I do, follow my PayPal link here for safe and secure donations www.paypal.me/spiritreaverdesigns

www.youtube.com/user/darklegacylives --Gaming channel
www.instagram.com/spiritreaver.gaming --Design and Business Instagram
www.twitter.com/spiritreaver1 --Business Twitter
www.discord.com -- Server name Spiritreaver Gaming

I make FREE graphic designs for everyone. I can then have those designs printed on and made into almost anything from Shirts and Hoodies, to Stationary, Journals, Coffee Mugs and much more.

For subscribing to a Tier, you are basically a founder in my dream of creating truly custom clothing for everyone. Start small at the $1 or $5 Tiers and get some small items to test out the quality and service. Then move up to the higher Tiers and REALLY get some nice unique stuff designed just for you. And remember, ALL designs are free forever for anyone . Other places can promise you custom shirts, or even do 1-Hour Tee's, but all of them have no options. With me, I offer different fabrics, cuts, styles, and even stationary, glassware, and office items. All custom made just for you.

If you look around you may see shirts or other things that you have seen in the store or mall. I sell those items cheaper usually, but that's not my main goal. If you don't see anything you REALLY want, you can contact me and I will design it FOR FREE. Yes, you did read that right. I will design for front and back on shirts, and I even offer all over prints and other options. You will never pay me a single penny to make a design. If it takes me 5 minutes or a week, it does not matter, price is still the same...FREE.

We also offer FULLY LICENSED PRODUCTS from big names like Harry Potter, Marvel, DC, Call of Duty, Nintendo, Ready Player One, Warcraft, and many more. If you read through my Tier list, these items are also available for FREE in some of the higher Tiers. So if you are a fan of any, get your subscription started and sit back to wait for the mail man.

$0 of $100 per month
When I reach $100 a month, I will be selecting a random Patron to get free Merch from my website. This can be anything under $50 that they want. Or if they choose, I will design and ship something just for them FREE of charge.
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