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About Spirits Don't Fly

My name is ...
Ernst Stolz and I was born in Russia, raised in Germany, and then studied Computer Science and English Linguistics at the University of Osnabrück, Germany. I use the pseudonym Ryan Ceres for my online presence.

What I'm creating
I'm creating vlogs on YouTube and I'm writing blog posts on my website.
I enjoy working out and eating good stuff.
I enjoy coding and sharing my knowledge about it.
Most importantly, I'm sharing the attitude behind my passion.
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One day, when the laws of physics are hopefully on vacation, I pledge to record doing 512 reps of push ups. Since I'm a programmer I hope you'll enjoy the allusion to the binary system :P

And I think we'll have a talk afterwards. Google Hangout? Live Stream? I'll probably be lying down, but we'll talk about that!
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