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You deserve to feel strong, confidant, and beautiful! Spiritual Wake is a business that has a focus on raising good vibes and making you feel pampered!

This small business is run by Veronika Frederick and her hubby Andrew with their fur babies always causing chaos while helping.

Spiritual Wake makes bracelets, rings, necklaces, and earrings! Using handcrafted techniques and dedication. Only the best gemstones and crystals get used, after an energy cleansing. So that you get the most of your jewelry. Raising good vibes in your life is our mission.

This small business however is not yet turning a profit, The owners work day jobs and have a family to support. It would be fantastic to see support from the community, from you, to help spread good vibes!
$0.95 of $100 per month
To raise a $100 and share good vibes- cover the cost of whats needed to make the items.
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