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I started Spirit You All because no one else did it first. I was tired of discovering amazing, God-seeking music and finding it ignored by the secular music press and by Christians - the former because the music was too religious, the latter because it was too weird. And there was nowhere on the internet that gathered this sort of music in one place, or that held "Christian music" to the same critical standard that outfits like Pitchfork or The Needle Drop maintain.

I love writing this blog, but I also work full-time, and the number of hours I can dedicate to it is very limited. Right now I try to post one album review or artist interview a week, along with a video or track feature or two. Support from readers means I can devote more time to writing and scouring the internet for quality Jesus-y music. If you appreciate Spirit You All or believe in its mission, please consider becoming a supporter.

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Justin Hilton
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