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The SpirX method is a self help exercise that enhances motivation, confidence and spiritual clarity. It was developed by Rabbi Shmuel Kopel over the last two decades. This program is based on the theory that, the inner core of consciousness, is the key to the human psyche. When a person discovers their deeper identity and what it is looking for, they will function at drastically higher level.    

Oppressive religions and toxic ideology is often the greatest impediment to inner peace and emotional comfort. 

The SpirX method is an exercise that frees the mind to explore and discover.

Rabbi Kopel uses the Kabbalah and Chabad Chassidic ideology as a framework for life, the universe and its Creator. By asking challenging questions and suggesting alternative ideas, SpirX aims to stimulate self reflection. The goal is to lead people to an authentic spiritual awakening. 

It is important to note that SpriX is NOT a religious initiative. We never ask people to accept an idea they don't understand! On the contrary, we want everyone to connect to THEIR inner core from THEIR perspective.    
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