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Hey guys it is Splindy here and I just wanted to thank for checking out my patreon page and watching my videos! It really does mean a lot!

So patreon now being a big part of a youtubers income because of how youtube ad revenue is just not a steady source of income. Now I am not saying I do youtube for the money, I am just at a point in my life where I am almost 17 years old and about to start life. I will soon have car insurance to pay off plus gas and I will be saving for college all at the same time. This means that during school I will have to get a job because my youtube ad revenue just does not make enough money to pay off all that. Patreon is pretty much my last resort to still be able to do youtube. I love doing youtube, I love it so much that I try to upload daily content and put my maximum effort in to it, If I was to have to go get a job I would only be able to make videos on the weekend. I really want to keep making videos for my amazing subscribers but I just will not have the time to make as many videos as I can now. Ofcourse this your money and I am not forcing any of you to do this, it is completely optional and you will get some added bonuses for supporting me! Just look over at the rewards section and see if supporting me on patreon is work it to you!

Thanks for your time and all the support you guys show me <3
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This will help me be able to pay for insurance and gas and also have a little to save for college!
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