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By supporting us, you get direct access to incident information in our Discord (https://discordapp.com/) server. You can directly talk with those tracking incidents and get quicker up to the minute information. You also get access to our exclusive scanner feed on our Discord server. You can also chat with others in your area by voice or text chat. Why Discord? Spokane Fire news has always tried to innovate the way you receive information. In the age of digital media, we are consuming more content from our phones or digital devices than ever. We dont often have the time to get information from TV. By utilizing Discord, we are bridging that gap today and communicating in new ways. In addition to Discord access, you also get early access to photos and videos taken by Spokane Fire News.
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Founded in 2011, Spokane Fire News has evolved into what it is today. Over the years, SFN has been run by a single person with occasional help from volunteers. It is time for SFN to expand its coverage and become a 24/7 operation. SFN will continue to provide quality information for local incidents including, Structure Fires, HazMat Incidents, Brush Fires, and Severe Weather Incidents. Why Patreon? SFN has been funded 100% out of pocket since its creation in 2011. This includes website costs, custom application costs, scanner equipment costs, etc all while remaining ad free. It is important for Spokane Fire News to secure additional funding to help expand to 24/7 operations. This includes new equipment, supporting volunteers with a compensation model, and, the ultimate goal, hiring a full time staff member to support site operation. Since its creation, SFN has always worked hard to provide fast and accurate notifications to the people in the communities of Spokane. With wildfires increasing year by year, we find it is important to take this necessary step to let those in the community know what is taking place around the area.

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Notice: This is a one time goal! - By reaching this one time goal, we can purchase new scanner equipment such as scanners, antennas, and accessories. This equipment will be loaned to our volunteers to increase our operating hours as well as our coverage area. To outfit one volunteer, it costs approximately $500 dollars. This includes the scanner, antenna, and any accessories such as cables. The average cost of a digital scanner is $335.00 dollars. Why are scanners so expensive? A few years ago, Spokane County, and many other counties, rolled out a digital system. This was to conform with new FCC regulations. With this county wide upgrade, each agency joined the P25 system that was established. With this, analog scanners would no longer be able to hear transmissions. Thus, a digital scanner was needed to decode the transmissions on the new digital system.
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