is creating bone art, tarot decks, short stories and dreams
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About Spookperson

My name is Christian Fox, though you probably know me as Goth Ms. Frizzle. Yeah, the same one that did that Roger Stone thing. I promise I do a lot more than just drag badly dressed presidential advisers. When I'm not dumping my brains out on twitter I'm a freelance writer and visual artist, and I dabble in taxidermy and specimen mounting in my free time and curate visuals that interest me here.  

Why Patreon? It's something that's been on the edge of my vision for a long time, and through the encouragement of others it's something that's finally come together. This Patreon is an experiment, it's a chance to try and reconcile valuing my work with the anxiety of not allowing myself just that. It's a way to support the history of medicine tarot deck, the bone and taxidermy work I do in preserving specimens and transforming people's shed bone and medical castoffs into art, and the cooking and recipes I tinker around with, plus ultimately, hopefully, a community of people who like what I do.  Hey, maybe we'll all stream a movie together sometime.
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When I get to 50 folks on here I'll plan a Halloween stream of my favorite horror movies for all patrons, regardless of level.
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