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  • Feeling guilty for blocking YouTube/Twitch ads and denying Spoole ad monies? Feel guilty no more! By indulging in Adblock forgiveness you'll be instantly relieved of all feelings of guilt. You'd need to watch a thousand or more videos per month to earn the equivalent amount in ad revenue as this level of support. So be free of guilt, support the channel and turn off the ads if you'd like.
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Twitchless Sub
  • Can't quite afford the price of a $5 sub on Twitch? This tier gives Spoole the same amount as a sub on Twitch for half the price to you. You won't receive Twitch rewards, but you'll be supporting Spoole just as much as any other Spoole Boy.
  • Includes: Steam + battle.net friendship
  • Discord server level up
  • Adblock Forgiveness
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100% Spoole Support
  • Unhappy with Twitch taking half of your monthly subscription, but still want to give Spoole $5 a month? This way you can be satisfied with 100% of your subscription going directly towards supporting Spoole and the stream.
  • Includes: Steam + battle.net friendship
  • Discord server level up
  • Adblock Forgiveness
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Hi! I'm Sean aka "Spoole" and I attempt to entertain people via Twitch and YouTube. You might be thinkin': "Hey! I recognize you! Are you from that place?" I might be. I used to work for Machinima, AOTS on G4TV and most recently on Rooster Teeth's Funhaus.

So where've you been? I've been streaming on Twitch and making YouTube videos full time. All of my current income comes from those platforms. I've decided to turn to Patreon because I could use your guys support in continuing this crazy endeavor of mine as well as put out more content. SO, if you're thinking to yourself "Yeah I think I like this Spoole guy and what he does." Maybe you'd consider helping me keep the lights on. Either way, I <3 you all and I wouldn't be where I am without my community regardless.
$18 of $50 per month
Development of a $1:1 Hour type of show. I'll work with the community to create an entertaining & informative show and/or stream that focuses on determining whether specific games are worth your $$$.
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