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Even the smallest can be loud!

> Get early look at any new works, this including any speedpaint videos and the new art!!!

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About Sporeture

Yo! The name is Spore!
I'm an Australian dog bird thing who play games, draws stuff and is a game dev student!
Supporting this patreon can really lend me a hand financially for creating what i love to do, art and many stuff like that!
This is all merely up to you if you'd like to chip in or not! Even $1 can get you like early access to see my works before they are published the next day!

For now I'd like to try starting this small, and will expand on tier later on!
$0 of $50 per month
Even this small amount is a big step to future!
We will celebrate first milestone goal with group digital art of all patreon pledgers and create a public discord with patreon goodies for future tiers! <3
(We will ask pledgers to offer ref sheet of their sona or character hey'd like to represent in group!)
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